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Most Recent Weaving

Having done quite a lot of weaving with waste materials (plastics, cables, fabric off-cuts, old jewellery etc) using plain weave, I'm now challenging myself to see how waste can be used with more complex weave structures, such as twill, waffle weave, double weave, leno etc. Sometimes I'm pleased, sometimes it's a mess! Sometimes I even weave directly into vegetable sack. A lot of fun.

I'm working on a series of small weavings, 
which can be framed and displayed as 'pictures'. Working on this scale gives me a good opportunity to experiment freely with different warps and materials. I deliberately leave the 'waste' sticking out so that it can be identified.

Many of these are for sale, so get in touch if you want to know more.


Lady Bay Arts Trail 2023
I was really pleased to be invited to run a workshop during the Lady Bay Arts Trail this May. On the Saturday the local councillors collected a load of 'rubbish' - plastic packaging which was being taken back to the Co-op for recycling. On the Sunday I turned this rubbish into an artistic wall hanging which is now on display in the area. Lots of people helped by cutting up the plastic, and having a go at weaving on another small loom.

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Turning a load of rubbish into a work of Art!

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