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Tapestry Weaving

I have been doing tapestry weaving at home for several years.


It is a craft which never ceases to fascinate me, because it combines the ancient traditions of creating images on fabric at the time of weaving, (as opposed to decorating fabric with embroidery and stitching) with contemporary textile influences. The images can be extremely detailed and subtle, or bold and chunky. 


Tapestry weaving requires no complicated loom, shuttle or huge quantities of yarn. I usually use an old picture frame or embroidery frame to stretch the warp threads, and use a random assortment of cottons, wools and silks to weave with. I also like to combine a variety of different techniques - plain weave, basket weave, twining, soumack, pick and pick, etc, to create special effects. I use my fingers or a crochet hook to pick up the warp threads.


Each weaving takes months to complete, and they are therefore not for sale, but I will happily teach you how to weave for yourself.



Sleeping cat

Cat fishing

Woman with birds
Woman dancing
Pinas de Costa Rica
Detail of pineapple
Detail of autumn trees
Autumn and winter trees
Detail of winter trees
African woman and child
African landscape
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