8-shaft Loom Weaving

The purchase of an old fashioned 8-shaft table loom has opened up a whole new world of weaving opportunities for me. I can now discover distorted wefts and warps, double weave, over-shot, shadow weave, blocks and twills.....  which were not possible without 4 or more shafts. But all the techniques which I learnt on the rigid heddle loom are applicable on the 8-shaft, but with greater complexity. I will be kept busy for years!

I also find that I am experimenting with a greater variety of yarns, of different thicknesses and fibres, many of which I find in charity shops and discount yarn suppliers.


Deflected weft with twill


Deflected weft with leno

Heading 2

Double cloth with leno

Double cloth with leno

Playing with over-shot