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Watercolour Life Paintings

woman sitting pink and grey
Woman standing hand on her shoulder_edited
Woman sitting side view
woman sitting purple and green
Cat woman
man lying purple and orange
blue orange yellow man
Woman's torso
orange blue back view man
orange man back view
orange woman
sketch of man squatting
purple crossed legs
purple woman sitting back view
yellow green man
Yellow purple lying down
red yellow and green
Man on stool 2
Blue man
man on stool 1
Blue woman sitting
Burlesque 3
Burlesque 1
Indigo man
In a river
Blue woman sitting 2
Rainbow 2
Rainbow 3
Rainbow 1
Flamenco dancer
Flamenco Dancer 2
Just thinking
Red and green woman
Pink and Blue torso
Woman asleep
Like Venus

These watercolour life paintngs have all been painted with the model in front of me, in a group with other artists. Some of the poses are held for only a few minutes.


I get really excited when I paint from a live model - I never know how the pose will be, and how I will manage to represent what I see. I let the paint do the work - I love how watercolour paint flows in unexpected ways, enabling me to express the essence of the pose without unnecessary lines and details. I'm aiming towards being freer and freer with the paint while still holding on to the basic image. Because of the unpredictability of the whole process, it often goes disastrously wrong and I throw away many more paintings than I am pleased with. So I just need to paint more!


Most of these original paintings are for sale, and also prints are available for many of them.


Contact me for details.

A few of my favourites
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