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Sarah Cooke

Painter and Textile Artist

With a Fine Art background (Foundation course at Farnham and BA at Bristol Poly, many years ago), my creativity has always been very important to me, taking different forms through the years. 
For many years I earned my living setting up and managing arts courses for adults in Bristol, giving me the chance to learn from witnessing excellent teachers and seeing others develop their artistic skills. 
I finally now have time and opportunity to focus on my own painting and craft work. A stay in Barcelona in 2013 re-introduced me to life drawing and painting, which I continued back home in Bristol, going to local drawing groups.
But my fingers need to be busy. I've experimented many different crafts, but return to textile work again and again. Tapestry weaving and weaving chunky rugs and cushion covers with recycled fabrics fulfils my need to 'fiddle with fabrics', while using my skills for designing, working with colours and developing my own style and techniques. Buying a 24" rigid heddle loom opened up a whole new world of weaving, where I can mix yarns and textures to create a whole wardrobe of hand-woven clothes. This kept me experimenting for several years, until I had a craving for a more complex loom , leading to a more recent purchase of an 8-shaft table loom which can only lead to many more years of weaving and exploration, particularly in the use of unconventional, 'waste' materials. 

I have since moved to Nottingham, a city with a rich history in Textiles, joined the Nottinghamshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, and the Living Threads Textile Group. I continue to teach 'Weaving with Waste' and Tapestry Weaving.
My love for strong colours and rich textures is reflected in all my paintings, textiles and throughout my home.


Complex leno weaving on a double cloth on an 8-shaft table loom

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