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'Textiles' refers to a multitude of different crafts, and I've experimented in quite a few of them - crochet, patchwork and quilting, knitting, dyeing and printing fabric and yarn. But for now, I'm passionate about weaving. I started weaving on a small scale on simple frame looms, such as a picture frame or embroidery frame. In 2016, I bought a rigid heddle loom, which opened up a whole range of possibilities, and for a simple loom it is very versatile. Then, in February 2019, I rashly invested in a table-top 8-shaft loom, which dominates my living room, and is now in constant use.
I use a mixture of yarns and fabrics, if possible recycled from old clothes, or yarns bought in charity shops. I often dye the yarn, especially cottons. I've even made bags from the fishermen's string which washes up on the beach.
My attitude to textiles is not really different from my attitude to painting, in that I'm playing with colours and textures, and creating images. The main difference is that weaving and stitching takes a lot longer to do than painting
Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving
Woven Clothes
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