Weaving with Waste

Using re-cycled and 'found' materials challenges and ignites my creativity as well as being good for the planet. Any material which is flexible and strong, and can be cut into strips, can be used for weaving, creating a fun, strong and pleasing new fabric.

My shopping bag is made from the waste 'colour print film' in a supermarket photo print service.

This 'beach bag' was made from fisherman's string washed up on the beach in Devon.

Basket made from plastic bags. It is lin

This pretty bag is made from coloured plastic bags

This bag is made from baler twine and yarn

This lampshade is made from phone and head phone cable (including ear pieces!) and foam packaging

This cosy fire-side rug is woven from old T-shirts and left-over yarns.

 A recent project has encouraged me to experiment weaving with lots of different waste materials. The results have been really exciting, giving new textures, and colour combinations, and it's all eco-friendly. As well as making bags, lamp shades and lots of samples, I've even made a new outfit for Christmas.

3 Materials.jpg

This lampshade is made from clear and coloured plastics, beads, foam, and old Christmas tree light cable.

16 on the loom.jpg

'Waste weaving' still on the loom

The raw materials

17 Dress fabric and cotton yarn.jpg

Dress fabric strips with cotton

5 pink wrapping film and tape.jpg

Plastic wrapping with package ties

10 Beach string.jpg

Beach string, discarded by fishermen

9 string, baler twine and clear blue pla

Plastic mesh, cat biscuit packet, paper

Nylon string, baler twine and clear plastic

7 pink and silver handbag offcuts.jpg

Handbag factory off-cuts

12 Onion sacks and clear plastic.jpg
18 Ribbon with bows, clear plastic.jpg
14 Hessian and foil.jpg

Colour print ribbon, packaging foam and clear plastic

Phone cables, packaging foam and net fabric

1 Materials.jpg

Beads and chain, soft foam and clear plastic

String and cables waiting to be woven

Onion sacking and clear plastic

Crisps packet and twine

Dress fabric strips with beads

Ribbon with bows and clear plastic

Hessian coffee sack with foil